High School has really thrown a lot at me that I've used to be able to dodge, but I can no longer dodge these and it is time for me to face the music and start working and stopping being lazy. In 8th grade I would try for a B or better and it would figure itself out, but I can't do that in high school so now I'm going to have to start reading, working at least 2 hours at home it isn't a joke and now that high school has shown me that I can't just barely squeeze by and it will figure itself out. I need to start working and High School I really just thought I didn't like the assignments, but they really show me, hey you need to do your work and not just sit there like an idiot and not listen. I need to get my life on track and that's what high school is doing for me its showing me what to do and I feel that I need to do stuff and be responsible, clean my room every night, take care of my family, and just do stuff so later in life I can enjoy life. It would be awesome to travel and go to wherever pretty much whenever and I really had a moral epiphany and it just hit me that I need to do it get my work done now instead of later. It just the stopping of being lazy it just was a wake up call and I hope its a good ride from here it is just foggy about my future and that is the first semester of high school did to me!

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