personal entry 1

well one good thing about losing all my tackk stuff is that i have the benefit of hindsight. well my first journal entry was about how i wasnt really looking forward to the idea of "opening up" to our class and how i distrusted a few people in the class and i wasnt sure if i could handle theatre with them in it but now i cant even imagine that i have no idea how or when it happened but our class became a team or a family or however you want to put it. we just are so transformed from the first day i have never experienced a class where everyone is as close as in our theatre class and i have gone to a school with a total of 8 students. thank you mrs.botsford i dont know how often people thank you for that but Im pretty certain its not enough. my first journal entry said i might have to see if i can change classes for my mental health but i can honestly say at this point i would rather jump into a pile of rusty nails than switch out of Dblock theatre