The Outsiders/Hero's Journey

The Outsiders/Hero’s Journey Theodore Terrell

5/7/14 Period 7

Think of heroes, superman, batman, Spider man, but what about real heroes? How about firemen? They risk their lives everyday for people in need, because its right thing to do. Lets get more specific, Ponyboy Curtis is an average boy, who goes through some not so normal changes. First he is in a gang, and is an orphan. Second him and his older brother Darry don’t get along. He constantly fights the “Socs”, and his gang is built-up of delinquents, including him, to a lesser extent. The most important lesson of The Outsiders is that, you don’t get to be born a hero, but you have to become a hero. Pony and Johnny, are kind of the odd ones out in their group, but after Johnny kills a Soc, Bob their situation quickly escalates. Pony seeks help from Dally the most criminal member of the group; Pony assumes he can help Pony and Johnny. Dally then gives them food, water and a loaded gun, he then assists them in their escape. When they run into the darkness he enter a new phase of the hero’s journey, The Abyss, which is conveniently synonymous with the word darkness. His three challenges of The Abyss were Hunger, Boredom, and Death.

After running for a while the finally get to jade mountain, their destination more specifically a church on a hill. While the hide they smoke, read and eat. After several days go by, Johnny says that they should cut their hair so the don't fit the descriptions in the papers so well, Pony gripes mildly, but still goes along with it.

Pony then decides to recite a poem, By Robert Frost:

"Nature's first green is gold,

Her hardest hue to hold.

Her early leaf’s a flower;

But only so an hour.

Then leaf subsides to leaf.

So Eden sank to grief,

So dawn goes down to day.

Nothing gold can stay."

Then Dally comes with his car and picks them up, to get some food. When they arrive at The Dairy Queen, they eat a lot and Johnny tells dally how he wants to turn himself in. Pony and Johnny then return to the church, but it happens to be on fire. Pony and Johnny save kids, whom were stuck in the burning church, but as Johnny is leaving, gets hit on the back by some burning wood. Johnny then dies of his wounds in the hospital. Pony mourns him, this is the final part of the abyss, but he stills isn't finished.

Ponyboy doesn’t start a hero but transform into one. The second him and Johnny save those kids from the fire, Pony is considered a hero, but he has to go even further. He then is nicer to Soda and Darry, and doesn’t want to fight anymore. He doesn’t think fighting is the answer to his problems anymore, but the final step of hero’s journey is to return to everyday life, with a gift. His gift is one of wisdom, how does he share this gift? He shares this gift be righting the outsiders which is eluded to in this quote:

"Mr. Syme, this is Ponyboy. That theme--- how long can it be?"

"Why, uh, not less than five pages." He sounded a little surprised. I'd forgotten it was late at night.

"Can it be longer?"

"Certainly, Ponyboy, as long as you want it."

This quote reveals the he intends to write a book, In conclusion, Pony is more than a superhero; he doesn’t need to be born special, to be a hero.

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