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In this activity children will develop a critical point of view about information processing and well know about good eating habits through ICTs. Working by groups they will search for fast food advertisement on Internet, and this information will be shared using Pinterest. Then, they will make a video -using stop-motion tools- about healthy eating habits. The assessment will be made between partners using assessment shift on Google drive- and by the teacher at the end of the activity. The criteria for the evaluation will lie on: appropriated critical point of view on information processing, creativity, originality and good use of app’s tools


  • Remembering
  • Understanding
  • Applying
  • Analyzing
  • Evaluating
  • Creating

Age- level

11-12 year-old, 6th grade of primary school



SESSION 1: The food. Healthy eating habits and balanced diet

SESSION 2: Introduction to scientific activity. Project planning and reporting

SESSION 3: Introduction to scientific activity .Use of information technology and communications to locate and select information.

Basic Competences

Treatment of the information and digital competence, social and civic competence, competence to learn to learn, autonomy and personal initiative, cultural and artistic competence, competence in linguistic communication and competence in the knowledge and the interaction with the physic world


Session one (introduction)

In the first session we'll  introduce and explain the whole  activity to the students and also how they can be critics by thrusting on their own point of view. The teacher will show  this video about misleading advertisement on fast food.

Once the video is showed, students should search on internet for the same kind of fast food advertisements with high wrong message load and share it on Pinterest. With this action we are sure students can watch different kinds of advertisement and have a wide sight about misleading advertisement. Here, we are developing treatment of the information and digital competence in our students. As well as, competence to learn to learn, also they will develop social and civic competence  working by groups.

Session two (developing of the videos)

The next step of the activity consists on showing students what they have to create and for this part we will show them a video using stopmotion tools. The video should be about healthy eating habits from a critical point of view. So, the critical point of view, creativity and originality will be the aspects which we will take into account mainly to assess it. The video must go on around 2 minutes, and they  will have to present the video in the last session of the activity. They  are free to use all the resources they rather.

In this step students will work treatment of the information and digital competence, competence to learn to learn, competence in the knowledge and the interaction with the physic world given that they will treat a topic so present nowadays, cultural and artistic competence since they have to be creative and original in these video.

In the other hand, they also are developing autonomy and personal initiative since they show their critical point of view, should make an agreement between them, should work by themselves, etc.

Session 3 (presentations day)

In this session the videos will be showed and students should give us their critical point of view about misleading advertisement and explain us why they have done this video. In this part, students are developing competence in linguistic communication given that they will explain us orally.


While each group is presenting, the rest of the groups are assessing to these partners through assessment sheet uploaded on Google drive. It will cost a 40% of the total grade of the activity and the rest 60% will be asses by the teacher, The assessment criteria will be based on three main parts. CRITIAL POINT OF VIEW, THE USE OF THE TOOLS AND THE CREATIVITY.

Find the full detail of the activity clicking on the link below

Check list of materials

Apps used & tutorials


With PicPac stop-motion you can create easily stop motion videos and also time lapse, this fantastic app is not just a tool but also a nice toy for the hole family entertainment. Check the tutorial  and find out how to use it.


Pinterest is not just a board where you can organize your favourite links but also a place where you can get knowledge from others, and share it again to the others. Click the tutorial and share the knowledge!!!

Google Drive

Google Drive is the great tool for a great teacher using it  you will be able to interact your own documents with your students and make then participate in many things, for example, in the peers evaluation. Have a look on its tutorialto learn more about its avdantages


This is an activity created by student of primary education on the subject drove by Linda Castaneda, University of Murcia.

Creative Common license, check le logo for further information

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