who am i?

My name is Nicole Ceniceros, I'm a freshman at El Paso High and fifteen years old. My aspiration in life is become a pediatrician to help young innocent children. I have a strong desire to become something in the medical field because i love math and science very much. I want to go London,England someday because the architecture is beautiful there and I would like to visit the Globe Theater and watch a play there.   

I hope to help millions of people one day by opening a clinic for unfortunate people so they may have good care of their young ones as well. I forgot to mention after i graduate high school i want to get accepted to either Stanford University, San Diego State University, or University of San Diego.

what i like to do?

I love to sing, dance, listen to music,hang with friends, and have a good laugh.

"Born from a boom-box"


pizza is totally my favorite food to eat....

part of the "cool kids clan"(ckk)


love 5sos


all time low

i love fashion

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