My Favorite Season

By: Makenna O.

             In my favorite season, you can feel the crisp air. Sometimes a sudden gust of wind washes over you. It’s so cool it overwhelms you leaving goosebumps growing on your arms. When it is foggy you can sometimes feel a mist in the air. It is the time for snuggling up with your favorite cozy blanket in front of a crackling fire.

The beauty of this season is breathtaking. You look outside to find the incredible colors of the leaves blanketing the ground. The trees and all their glory are surrounding you like a frame. The weather may be rainy and windy, or the sun may be shining and it is just beautiful. People are outside in their coats raking the leaves. As soon as the leaves are raked little kids are running to jump into the jumbo leaf pile.

In most homes you can smell the aroma of freshly baked pumpkin pie that makes your taste buds salivate. When you walk outside the smell of pine hangs in the air like perfume. Bonfires are a popular event in this season. You can smell the scent of burning leaves sticking to your clothes.

As you walk you can hear the crunching of leaves under your feet. If you listen you will be aware of the giggles from children in their costumes with their buckets of candy going home to home. You can also hear the familiar thundering sound of Chief’s fans that are blaring from the television in your living room. Your mom and dad are going crazy because they want their favorite team to win.

The tastes of the season bring memories of years past. One taste of apple pie can bring you back to the memory of your grandma’s kitchen. My favorite tastes include kettle corn, appe cider, pumpkin pie, apples, apple pie, and hot soup. Meals shared together with family and friends during this season give me much to be thankful for in my life.

I am reminded that it is important to take in every aspect of this season. Taking time to soak in the beauty of this season fills me up with great joy. When you feel that rush of happiness you know everything is alright.

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