soccer superstars
By: James Buckley Jr.

Arthur purpose: Is to entertain people and show them how to work together has a team

Theme: The theme is that is showing us to never give up on something you really want

Introduction: The book is talking about the best players and one of the players is Cristiano Ronaldo one of the best soccer player

Why picked: I picked these book because I wanted to learn more about soccer and try to be like one of those

Reflection: The reflection is that soccer is one of the best sport in the whole world

Summary: All of the soccer players really work hard to be in the position they are. Cristiano  Ronaldo started when he was just a kid playing soccer. Never gave up on something he really wanted. Ronaldinho is one best runners in soccer. He beat the superstars that were in front of him. He has scored more than  1,500 goal's since 1964.  Some of the world best soccer players come from Brazil. Many of them have won a golden boot like Neymar and Cristiano.. Pele the best soccer player of all time. He helped his country win 3 world of the best defense is Roberto carlos is among the worlds best at free kicks his left foot is like a cannon smashing the ball toward the goal  


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