Best Cool Gifts You Can Choose From

We all love celebrations! We give gifts during birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, Christmas and so many more. However, these celebrations will never be complete without giving the best cool gift out there. Whether you're giving a gift for your best friend, mom, dad, sibling, and special someone, it's better to take a moment to read some of these high-tech gifts that will make your loved one whoop with excitement. There will never be cooler than giving a tech gift because the era of mobile phones, table PC's, smartwatches are now invading the market and to give you a bunch of ideas , here are the top best cool gifts you can choose from that will make you really stand out and give you a plus factor!

Samsung Galaxy S5

The success of Samsung smartphones invading in the market is such a remarkable growth in the tech industry. Although there are many smartphones that you can choose from by wandering in your local mall, you will definitely come across Samsung Galaxy S5 that will make your two thumbs up! Actually, Samsung Galaxy S5's new feature is its fingerprint scanner where you can unlock your phone with your unique print.

It also cares for your health as it is equipped with a heart rate sensor that sits underneath its rear camera. The specifications of the phone is also high-end, where it has 16MP rear camera/2MP front, 4K video recording, slow motion video at 120 fps, Snapdragon 801 (Quadcore) with 2.5 GHz, a 2GB Ram, and expandable 16GB to 32GB microSD. In Asia, you can check out here the price of Samsung Galaxy S5 price in Singapore, Philippines and Japan.

Pebble Smartwatch

Pebble SmartWatch is a must have for today. It was released in the market since 2013 and was developed by Pebble Technology Corporation. It is compatible with Android and iOS devices thus equipping mobile phones today with an extended power. Using bluetooth technology, Pebble Smartwatch lets you receive incoming calls, notify you from social media accounts, alerts you from text messages and emails by vibration and it can also act as a remote controller for your phone.

And here is the catch, Pebble Watch is waterproof! So it means that you can take it while you are having a dive in a pool or without worrying that you haven't take it off while you are having a shower. It also comes in different flavour by changing the wrist-strap with different colors according to your mood or style. Also, Pebble has a magnetometer, ambient light sensor and a three-axis accelerometer. It is packed with Cortex-M3 ARM processor and an internal memory that will let you download and retain apps and watch faces.

Portable Audio Speaker / Bluetooth Speakers

Portable audio has been in the industry for some quite time. It is a personal mobile device that allows you to output music or any recorded audio using bluetooth with a battery-powered and one or more small loud speakers. It's best to check out simple and elegant designs in Logitech because of their timeless architecture when it comes to developing top speaker products.

Logitech products offers an impressive combination of price, design, performance, and connectivity. It's a unique pair of speakers that can replace your computer, tablet, and smartphone speakers, if you don't want to invest in a powerful or portable Bluetooth or AirPlay speaker.