My Life Story

This is me, spring break of 2014. Where am I and how have I gotten here? My life has definitely been a journey. Most of the great things in my life didn't come easy and those that seemed simple were much more challenging. However, let’s start with the basics.

My name is Karyssa Palopo. There is a little story behind the reason they spelled my name the way it is. My mom told me she wanted a name that starts with K. She thought of Kiana, which is a combination of Kee and Anne (my parents name). The meaning is Goddess, powerful and humor. So, they ended up choosing Karissa, which means love, grace, kindness. Later, my Mom's friend suggested a unique spelling with a Y instead and they loved it, so the winner was Karyssa!

I was born in Mountain View California where it was mostly, if not always sunny. I grew up with one older brother and an age difference of five years, and many, many different animals. I've always been fond of animals. Something about the way I can interact with them without even using words from a dictionary is truly remarkable. I’ve had experiences with small animals, such as hamsters and other gerbils, all the way to the adorable fluff ball of a dog I have today. Growing up I wanted to become a Veterinarian and I’m still perusing that as I enter my first years of college at Cal Poly (SLO) next fall. I’m hoping that my prior experience with various animals will assist with my desire to continue working with them as my career.

I started off in a public elementary and middle school, so moving to a catholic high school was a completely different transition. But one thing I always had to fall back on for comfort was Dance and Volleyball. Those are my go-to hobbies. I began dancing at the age of four. Though I slowly took less and less dance classes, I still jump right back to where I left off when I have the chance to. I’ve been through every dance style there is: Ballet, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Contemporary, Lyrical, Tap..etc. As I got older, I found an interest in Volleyball. I began playing when I was in sixth grade and continued to play for my club team. From there, I could take away something my coach has said to me on the first day of practice that will stay with me for a life-time. He said, “Get comfortable, being uncomfortable.” Ever since then, I’ve had a different perspective on the way I make my decisions.

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