Splendid Fairy-tale Harbin Ice and Snow World

What i anticipate most is touring Harbin. So lucky i had the chance during the Chinese New Year 2015. The wonderful ice world was so exotic, full of fantasy. When i was walking in Harbin Ice and Snow World, all the expectations and fantasies are real show in front of me. The special feeling only when you are in this can experience. A magnificent ice sculptures at sunset is both dreamy and beautiful.It glimpses a living fairy tale world of ice and snow.

In this world of snow and ice, cold as if looked like nothing. What still leaving is my fiery heart. Gradually, you will find that you have integrated into this fairy tale world. You will imagine all the best things in this quiet Fairy-tale Ice and Snow World . You can weave a story of distant snow country. Do you know the ID card of harbin, yeah not others, it is harbin ice and snow world.

There are many activities, what i experienced more than 20 entertainment. Such as skiing, sliding on the ice, icy rock climbing, ice hockey shooting. What i like most is the exciting game. Yeah huge slide. Besides, there are other fantastic performances shown in succession every night, namely, the north-characteristic animal performance, the Russian amorous singing and dancing, ballet on the ice, disco on the ice, fireworks performances, films shown on the snow screen, etc.

On the north part of Songhua River, there locates an enchanting place – Harbin Ice and Snow World. The skillful craftsmen here carve out a series of impressive icy architecture each year with their wit and handicraft. With the increasing popularity of Harbin Ice and Snow World, each year it attracts millions of travellers' visiting both from home and abroad.

Enjoying the Ice Wonderland is one of the essential things to do while traveling in Harbin. Harbin ice festival 2015 is famous all over the world. Thousands of visitors come to Harbin every year to appreciate the magnificent snow sculptures, which look more gorgeous under the lights at night.

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