"Cyber Security Assignment for Those who did not Attend the Field" by Matias Lee Choi

1. Cyber Security is also known as information technology security. It focuses on protecting computers, networks, programs and data from unintended or unauthorized access, change or destruction. It prevents hackers and other invading personnel from controlling personal information.

2. Cyber Security Professionals prevent threats on the Internet by reacting as quickly as possible. They need to be able to solve the puzzle-like computer language to stop the hacker from doing more damage. They create security programs and the people on the government work constantly to maintain their government website as safely as possible.

3. Cyber Security programmers are advantageous as gadget maniacs because they are familiar with setting up useful programs (gadgets)  on their systems. Solving puzzles like Sudoku quickly is a good trait to have since solving invasion problems is similar to that of solving puzzles. People who enjoy helping and protecting others should feel good about this job since that's what they'll be doing. Problems that hackers set up are most times very complex, but you should not be overwhelmed by such hardships. People with great imagination will also be able to think in the hackers mind and start from there. You have to be a good listener to know exactly what problem you have to solve, and moments when you have to multitask will be plentiful while trying to solve multiple puzzles at once. Working with other programmers with each member knowing what their role is makes this job most effective. You have to be able to think outside the box most, meaning staying above the mind of a hacker is most crucial. The problems will usually be hidden in details, finding them and fixing them is key to success.

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