Your Energy, Gives Hope to Others

Aubrey P.

A little newborn all alone in a stinky sewer pipe in Zambia. Little baby Will was in need of food, shelter, and love. But then there was a light, flies buzzed, rats scurried away and there was a swish in the water. People from Energy of Hope here to help the little baby, they had been digging for 15 hours to try and get the newborn to safety! I hereby recognize Amanda Dye for her tireless work to help save children in need of many things in Zambia, I nominate Amanda Dye for the Robert Burns Award!

Amanda was born into the world to very happy parents Brian and Jodi. She is the oldest of five kids, Cory, Adam, Zack, and Maddie. She grew up in the Liberty, Missouri. She went to Manor Hills for grades 1-3 and she went to Lewis and Clark for grades 4-5. She has thought about being an art teacher but she went on a trip and spent the day with Oprah Winfrey. After that day, Amanda knew she had to do something to help out children in poverty, and thus Energy of Hope was born.
Amanda’s first kids that she took in were Mable, Jack, Priscilla, Daniel, Rabea ,and Mapeso. Amanda tries to get as many kids into the orphanages as she can so that all kids in Zambia can have a happy life with food, shelter and love. The orphanage costes 6’000 dollars a month. So Amanda needs a lot of help supporting the orphanage. The first orphanage had 40+ children there. Amanda built a second orphanage and that now holds 40+ children. Amanda has some people and friend at energy of hope that help care for the kids. At first it was just Amanda taking care of all the kids. But she got some volunteers to help out around the orphans.
Scared little girls out of a family in Zambia. They are waiting for Energy Of Hope to overthrow the people holding them hostage, as we speak. Eve, Grace, and Ernestine are waiting for Amanda to get them so they to can be free. Amanda’s goal for these kids that go to the orphanage to grow up and make an impact on the harsh world. Amanda is always sad to see them leave the orphanage at the age of 18 but she knows that they will be very successful and help change something in the world as she did. Amanda is smart and beautiful and a great candidate for the Robert Burns Humanitarian Award. Amanda chose Zambia to start an orphanage because it had a big water supply and it looked peaceful and calming. Amanda first got her dream of having an orphanage in a place where children were in poverty at the age of nineteen. Amanda had spent three years thinking about her dream. It took Amanda finally got her dream the at age of twenty two, Amanda realized her dream and the orphanage was built in Zambia. The orphanage was built in 2007.
Amanda is proud to say that her orphanage has been up and running for eight years now. Amanda has adopted many kids from the orphanage but only Elton has been taken to Kansas City. Elton was brought to Energy of Hope when he was five, Elton was very sick when he came and no doctors could help him. So Amanda worked very hard to bring Elton to Kansas City where they brought him to Children's Mercy Hospital. The doctors there helped Elton regain his health. Elton now lives with Amanda in Liberty. Amanda travels to the orphanage 2 to 3 times a year, but last year Amanda went one time because of the dangerous and hard issues there.
That is why I, Aubrey Prindle, recommend Amanda Dye for the Robert Burns Humanitarian Award for her tireless work in Zambia to try and help children in need of food, shelter, clothing, and love. Thank you!!!!!

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