PaytonScience project

A Pure substance is a substance in which there is only one type of particle like these marshmellows are an example of a pure substance.

What is the Characteristics  of Eleme

Some of the characteristics of elements is boiling points,melting point, and density. Also there is Reactivity of acid. A lot of things on the Periodic Table are also Characteristics of elements

How can you identify a element

You can find the identity by it phisical properties such as melting  point and density. Also can find out by its chemical properties such as color,texture, and hardness.

How do you classify Elements by their properties

By the appearance, or physical properties of that element will give you its classification

How Do Elements Make Compounds?

It is made when two elements are chemically combined.

Properties of a combound

Physical properties: Boiling Point, Density, and Color.

Chemical Properties: Like do they act to acid?Or light?

Breaking Down Compounds

Some can be broken down into their elements by chemical changes. An example is the fizz coming from your soda.

Common Compounds

Common Compounds are everywhere. From the food we eat to the football you throw.

Breaking Down Mixtures

You seperate a mixture by a physical change. For example picking olives off your pizza, or taking cucumbers out of a salad.

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