The Twelve Sites of Christmas

Festive Sites to Keep Kids Engaged and Productive

1. Tackk your tidings. Use this website to create a shareable, online flyer just like this one!

2. Visit the North Pole Journey to the for loads of great activities for kids. Students can write letters to Santa, read stories, have stories read to them, create personalized stories, and many other activities.

3. Cool Math for the Holidays Navigate to coolmathgames for fun holiday games and puzzles.

4. Ultimate Winter Activities for Teachers Well the weather outside may be frightful, but I am sure the learning inside your classroom is delightful. Click here to access awesome Winter Activities that will delight your students.

5. Winter Madlibs Practice parts of speech with these Madlibs!

6. Word Clouds for Christmas Make a word cloud with your class of holiday words, spelling words, sight words, or as a review of all of the vocabulary you have learned throughout the semester. Tagxedo

7. Current Events Keep up with current events during this busy time of year with TweenTribune, a news site for kids grades K-12.

8. Digital Storybooks Create a story using LittleWriteBrain or ZooBurst.

9. Holidays Around the World Learn about how other countries celebrate the holidays at Christmas Around the World.

10. Ornaments Turn an ornament into an educational one! Go to firstpallette for free ornmament printables. Write formulas, draw maps, or write facts on them to make learning festive.

11. Go Shopping Bring in ads from the holidays or look them up online. KidRex is a great search engine for kids. Have students shop and calculate their sales tax!

12. Writing Activities Make a marshmallow snowman and have the students write a story about their creation. Go the the LessonPlansPage for even more ideas!

Happy Holidays!!

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