World War 3?

by Blake Charboneau

Chapter 1

It started out like any Monday would… school. By the end of the day I was ready to play soccer for the rest of the day with my best friend Eric. “So ready for it to be 21-0 Cody,” said Eric. “You mean vis-versa” I said. So we did smack talk like that for 5 minutes. Then the actual game begun, I’d score, Eric would score and on and on for about an hour. When Eric was winning 4-3 I had to make one more goal to tie it up, so I did the Mathews fake and ran until I scored a goal. Right after that we called it a draw and went home. As I was walking home I stopped at gas station to pee, but the boys was occupied so I waited outside the door. Then I heard talking in there. “Is it ready?” one voice said. “Almost” a deeper voice said. “To finish we need it,” the deeper voice said. After that I decided to wait around the gas station and wait for them to come out and follow them. They eventually came out so I followed them far away to a dark alleyway. I could barely make out something in there but when I got closer I saw it was a door from the way they hid it in the alleyway. That makes me think they don’t want anyone to know what they are doing. I went in 1 minute after they did to make sure they don’t see me. I went in and saw A giant robot with a swastika on its right arm. I saw an army of soldiers with the same swastika on the right arm. If I know my history right those were worn by the Nazis, a ruthless and evil terror group that killed people for not believing in their customs. “But Adolf Hitler is dead,” I thought to myself. “ And who would be stupid enough to lead the Nazis.”I thought. Then I hear “leader Korof Hitler, is here,” a voice says. A man walks down the line of Nazis. It was the man from the bathroom. He has a bushy mustache with a big nose. ”In only 7 days we will launch the attack, for all you generals here 1,075 to be exact you will each have 1,075 troops to command. We will get revenge on those who tried to kill my father, Adolf Hitler. Only the Russian army can stop us, but when the robot is finished nobody can stop us from taking over the world,” Korof said. Then someone screamed “A spy, a spy!” pointing right at me.

Chapter 2

“KILL HIM!” Korof screamed. By then I was running as fast as I could by the time he said that. I realised that I would have to get to Russia in 7 days before it was finished. They probably put cameras everywhere so I need to be careful. “The woods” I thought I should go through the woods. As I ran through the woods I heard a shot zoom right past me. Then I just thought of something “What if I broke it” the one thing they needed to make the robot then the army could stop them. I went back to their base and went in it was abandoned because they were all looking for me so I checked their computers. I saw the blueprints for the robot the only thing missing is a Cyber Crystal. You can only find those in Obstical mine. It is right by here so I should break all the Cyber Crystals there and they won’t have any more power. So I went to the mine and saw Korof standing in it holding a Cyber Crystal.

Chapter 3

I hear a shot so I get down and down get hit but The Cyber Crystal wasn’t so lucky. “What did you do that for!” Korof screams at the troop. With that shaky hand points at me. When I realize he is pointing at me I run into the mine and start looking for Cyber Crystals to smash. I see that solder running after me I also see pointy stalactites and I wait for him to get closer, closer, closer, now jump to the side. and he runs right into the stalactites killing himself in the process I see blood but I try to get it out of my mind but it keeps replaying in my head over, and over. I see the end and the last Cyber Crystal, but this one won’t come out, I keep trying, and trying. Then it comes out and flies through the air. I see it in slow motion as it goes into Korof’s hand. “Thank you for saving me the trouble of pulling that one out, for this I will make your death quick,” Korof says. As if on cue a man with a shotgun comes out of the shadows and points it at me by then I knew it was over I hear a shot and I black out.

Chapter 4

I open my eyes and see a man in my face. he says “Thank goodness you are OK I go to the mine and hear talking about how he is going to kill someone so I get a gun and shoot the guy with the gun, what happened?” so I explain everything to him. ”We have to stop him from using the Cyber Crystal and taking over the world!” he says. “What is your name?” I say. “Joe or Joey, I don’t care which you call me,” Joe says. I take Joe to their base and we make a plan. Joe “accidentally” wanders in and says “WOW! Look at that enormous robot, wait a minute is that a swastika, ya know like the evil Nazi’s wore, I’m going to call the police,””KILL HIM!!!” Korof screams. While Joe is getting chased by the Nazis I am going to sneak over to the robot and take the Cyber Crystal. I get to the robot and take the Crystal. “Well, Well, look who we have here,” Korof says coming out from the shadows. Then a light pops on and I see Joe tied up and tons of guns pointed at me and that is how I got here. I am going to die, the Nazis will take over the world, and I failed.

Chapter 5

CRACK! The door breaks open and cops, soldiers, and SWAT vehicles break in. Then I realized Joe really did call the police and even more surprising they believed him. I really had saved the world. No need to break the last Cyber Crystal on Earth if the one who will use it for evil is in jail. I start celebrate with Joe when I realize he still hadn’t gotten up. I tell the police what happened and I tell him about Joe. They rush him over to the hospital. The nurse is telling me his heartbeat is dropping and fast. “I think I know why,” I say. I tell her what I think. “Why that could be it,” the nurse says. She rushes up to his room and says “Try the Pit Viper cure,”. Joe walks out of the hospital bed and goes downstairs to thank me. “We did it, we saved the world” says Joe.

The End

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