Tools of Trade!
                       By: Kylie Baldwin

  Over the past couple of weeks we learned about 5 different things that can help us academically. These 5 things are Edmodo, Remind,, Tackk, and the IB Design Cycle. All of these things/websites can help anybody in school. These are what must students use now to complete projects.  


       Edmodo is a way to connect with the classroom and the other students on the go or at home, anywhere with internet. Everything that is typed usually have something to do with the homework, classwork, projects, or we ask questions. Here teachers can upload activity, papers, rubric, tests, polls, ect. Teachers can also add files like when we are doing a whole subject on Commenboard, then the teacher can add a file that has all related Commenboard things saved in it.Edmodo is basically like Facebook but this is always monitored by teachers, also you can talk to other students about school or ask, questions. The benefits of Edmodo is that if you did not finush your classwork most times the teacher well post it on Edmodo. Also you can like ask questions when you are like doing your homework and you need help.


  Remind is safe way for teachers to connect with students and stay in touch with parents. Remind is like a reminder that your teacher sends out. The teacher send reminders from upcoming tests, to homework, and up coming school events. You can get reminders from remind by email or text message, just put in your e-mail, or phone number and put in the code, and there you go, reminders for on the go. The benefits of Remind is that if you forgot what day like a test would be on then a couple of days before the test a remind would get sent out.


(For the video Remind wasn't there it kept bring me to remind101)

  In you can create and share your visual ideas and creations. is like a mix between Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft word. It is a mix between them two because you can add graphics like a PowerPoint and change the background but you can add all your info. easily without having all the slides. You can share your ideas when you are done creating them or you can save them to your computer. The benefits to would be that you could do any project with this or create a graph. You could put any info in and you could organize it the way you want it without it being hard to get what you want like on PowerPoint.



In Tackk you can do many things, this website lets you create things and you could post and comment and share what you created with the world. You can like make pages and post them. The benefits to this would be that if have multiple sub things to one big Thing that is all related you could make a page with all of it on it, and you could post it or you could keep it privet and keep/made it just for your self.  

The IB Design Cycle

Inquiring and Analyzing
Developing ideas
Creating a solution

The steps of the Design Cycle are:

1) Inquiring and Analyzing:

         A) Explain and Justify the need for a solution.

         B) Identify and prioritize primary and secondary sources.

         C)Analyze a range of existing products that inspire a solution to the problem.

         D)Develop a detailed design brief.  

2) Developing Ideas:

         A) Develop a design specification.

         B) Develop a range of ideas that are feasible.

         C) Present a final chosen design and justify its selection.

         D)Develop accurate planning/drawings and outline the requirements.   

3) Creating Solutions:

         A) Construct a plan.

         B)Demonstrate excellent technical skills.

         C)Fallow plan.

         D)Justify any change to the plan.

         E)Present the solution  

4) Evaluating:

         A) Design relevant testing methods which generates data and measure success of solution.

         B) Evaluate success of solution against design specifications.

        C) Explain how it could be improved.

         D) Explain the impact of the solution on the audience/client  

Example: My PS3 is broken and out of date (by 1 year). Should I get a new and updated PS4 or get a fixed PS3?

Inquiring And Analyzing:

1A: My PS3 is broken and out of date (by 1 year). Should I get a new and updated PS4 or get a fixed PS3?

1B: BestBuy, Amazon, A repair place, Call Somebody, GameStop

1C: New PS4, fixed PS3, Get a tech guy,

1D: My PS3 has been broken now for 5 months now and there is this new game that comes out soon and I really want to play it. Do I find a solution to fix my PS3 or do I get a new PS4.

Developing Ideas:

2A: Good graphics, A lot of space for saved games, Fast processer, fair price, works good, make sure your fixed PS3 is fixed.

2B: Tech person, BestBuy, GameStop,

2C: I will get a new PS4 because there are a lot of games coming out for it, also it has better graphics then the PS3. And the game I wanted to play on the PS3 is also for the PS4. I chose this because sometimes a broken PS3 can't get fixed so it would be easier then to fix it.

2D: It is going to be like a new PS4 and it is going to play what ever it would be needed for.

Creating the Solution:

3A: 1. Gather any games that you do not play anymore and your old PS3 along with any accessories you have for it.(30min) 2.Go to GameStop (20min) 3.See if they can give you a discount if you trade your games/PS3/accessories in for a PS4, since that will not be enough expect to pay maybe $400.(10min) 4. Buy the PS4 along with any games or accessories that you want. (8min) 5.Go home and have fun on PS4.(45min)

3B: Good counsel, and good employee.

3C: Check off the to-do list.

3D: N/A there was no changes to my plan.

3E: Show it off.


4A: Take the PS4 home and see if everything looks normal and to she if there are no problems with the system and the game.

4B: My PS4 works great. I was able to play the game I wanted on it.

4C: There is not anything that need improving.

4D: I am very happy its is working and I can play games now.