Final Projects First Day!

Today you will:

  • BLOG POST: we no longer have time for up here. :( If you need to finish, it's now your duty to do so in the Maker's Space
  • Check out some videos and such to learn FANCY TRICKS for the tech tool you picked
  • Map out your time
  • START whatever you need to!!!

1)Click your Tech Tool below, and follow directions in the PREZI to learn more tricks!

Video: No prezi. Check out the videos below

Music: No prezi YET. Help me find some awesome garageband youtube videos :)

2) Download this scheduling template and schedule your time!Think about:

  • Do you need to do some writing or planning?
  • Do you need to go outside? When would you like to do so?
  • When will you build stuff if building?
  • When will you program?

3) Start working if you're ready!