when i was just a baby my mum used to shut me in the shed as i cryed to much so she shut me out there to get same peace i must about about 1 years old. it went on for years till i was 2. dont think mum liked me i used to get on ok with my brothers had fight like brothers and sister do lol. with a wicked dad around life was hard as he was nasty hit us all alot sticks slipper hand belts you name it we got hit by it. he used to be i the navey think he saw a lot on things going on think thats what made he like he was nasty to us kids mum to. one day for no reason he would throw mum in a bath full of ice with all her clothes on poor mum she got flu the next day because of what he did to her. when i was 5 me and my brother won a draw contest and the prize was a trip to london hotail and food payed for well we loved it but i dident like the hotail we was staying in as the windows went right down to the floor i dont like hights so when my brother said come and have i look i said ok then ran back now that was high i was scared. ran to my room layed and my bed and cryed i wanted to go home lol. the next day we did not go places we wanted to go no way dad wanted to go places of intreast were we would learn things when we went back to school he said he was sooooooooo boring.

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