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-Achievement of Kush when at trading power's height.-1600-1100 B.C.E

Kush-Just like Egypt-was located at the Fertile Banks of the Nile River. Because of this great positioning, It made Kush a wonderful trading center and made them very rich. Another name for Kush is Nubia which comes from the egyptian word for gold, Nub.

-Achievement of Kush Conquering Egypt.-730-650 B.C. E.

Led by the king of Piye, Kush has taken over Egypt. Piye saw his chance when Egypt's New Kingdom fell. He led his troops to the capital and just took over. Because of all the political chaos, taking over was a synch.

-Kush's Capital of Meroë became big trading center due to its location.-590-410 B.C.E.

Since Egypt had taken over Kush, they had to get away om the egyptians so they moved down to Meroë and made it the new capital. Due to the location of Meroë, it became a big trading center an earned Kush lots of wealth.

-Amanirenas becoming queen and taking over cities in Europe.-300’s B.C.C-350 C.E

After the Kushites left the Egyptians, they returned to their African way of life where women had more power than men. The good thing about Kushites returning to the african style of life is that not only the men were respected, but the children and the women and everyone was. The queen - Amanirenas - became very powerful. She was a very honorable queen because no matter how intense and gory the battle was, she would be fighting it next to her warriors.

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