Childhood of Albert Einstein

Born march 14,1879 into a jewish family Albert Einstein never spoke a single word until he was two. When he was four his dad gave him a compass, thrilled he would stare at it for hours trying to figure out how it worked. His family taught him to always ask questions which was not so good since the teachers encouraged the opposite, annoying his teachers he would argue with his teachers until they saw the problem in his point of view. His family thought there was something wrong with him but soon figured he was a genius after his family would give him almost collage level books and he would complete them in days. He soon hated school so much that he dropped out of high school.

Middle aged Albert

soon after he dropped out of high school he fell in love but didn't have money so he tried to apply for a job but no one wanted hire him because they thought he was too crazy. One day he got a job as a professor but it didn't last long because people started threatening him because he was jewish so he quit and found a new job where he would get people's inventions and see if they would work,but he would often set aside his real work and work on his famous theory of general relativity.

Getting older

Albert soon had enough money to support his family and had two kids, but sadly soon he got divorced and just about never saw his two kids again. Although Einstein was very sad he now had more alone time to word in quiet which Albert enjoyed, in his quiet time he then proved the theory of general relativity. Because of this he became very  popuar which made germans mad so he then moved and just in time too because the Nazi's raided his house just one month after he moved out, burning books, papers and even pictures.


Albert moved to New Jersey in a quiet town where he helped kids with their homework. Back in Germany death was brewing up, building the atomic bomb. Albert never liked violence and saw how good America was and decided that something had to be done so he convinced the president to make an atomic bomb too, so America did listen to Albert and built the atomic bomb and tried it out,100,000 cavilians were killed that day. Albert regreted that decision for the rest of his life. After all his enventions and theory's he sadly died on april 18,1955

from the book I am Albert einstein

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