Every Day

David Levithan

Moving On & Letting Go

If I learned one thing from this book, it's that sometimes, you just have to let go of the past and move on.

In the Book...

"A" has no choice but to move on and let go. There is no option to stay in one body for more than a day. There was no choice but to leave the past behind, because for A, there was no going back.

For A, there is always the struggle of living for oneself, or for the host person. Throughout the book, A is faced with this problem when it comes to Rhiannon - the love of A's life - and if it's time to "Let Her Go".


Can you leave the love of your life behind - even if it hurts the most - if it's whats best for them

Living For Now

Another thing I've learned from this story is how important living for now was until I saw life through the eyes of someone who only had now to live for

In the Book...

For A, there is no possible planning for a 'tomorrow'. All that can be hoped for is to live that one day to the fullest. So with every possibility to be with Rhiannon, A will take it, even if there's consequences for the host person.


theme song for the book overall:

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