For the project that I have done is about Team work and the different types and team work that there is. I have also learnt how to make the photos change to there different looks and what they will mean, I like that I have made a on-line portfolio.

Marc Phillips Team Work 8H


This is a photo of a constructor that has fallen over and people helping him out.

What I have done is the same constructor that has fell down but just changed the brightness and how they look so as a bit older or the setting more darker.

I like this image because there all using teamwork to train or get the ball.

In this image they are both using teamwork to defend there post and not let him pass.

This is three pandas trying to use Team work to help each other get up on the tree/log. I like it because the pandas are pushing each other up more.

I made it that its more darker so it looks like they have been doing that for a while.

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