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Nature Photography


This was taken at the Cameron Park Zoo in Waco. This is the mother tiger there who, at the time, had three cubs in the enclosure with her. I used a zoom lens and aimed in between cage wires so hopefully the wire wouldn't be visible. I used a small aperture (using aperture priotiry on my Canon Rebel) to blur the background. I slightly upped the color contrast and saturation in CS5. This photo won third place in animal photography at the HOT Fair and Rodeo in 2013.

Red Butterfly

I shot this while in one of those butterfly pyramids/tourist attractions in Canada. It was nice to be able to get so close. I like the colors but it's a bit out of focus and that bothers me. I hope to reshoot a similar picture more in focus using a macro lens next time. I did blow it up to 16X20 and a friend has it in her living room and it looks pretty.


I don't know what I like this one, maybe the colors. I like shooting pics of every day things. This photo is in my kitchen wall as an 8X10. I increased the colors and contrast with CS5.


I took this while on a cruise in Cabo San Lucas. It was at a resort and there were lots of peacocks. This image has been cropped down from a far away shot. I increased the colors and contrast with CS5. This photo was showcased at Art on Elm Avenue in 2013.


I took this photo at The Woodway Arboretum in 2013. This photo was showcased at Art on Elm Avenue in 2014 as an 8X10.


This was taken at Bastrop State Park a year after the big Bastrop/Austin area fires. Most of the big trees are still bare but the ground cover was beginning to come back.

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