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My name is Brandon Bradshaw. I love cars and hot spicy food. Cars are one of the things I love and it is cool. Video games and electronics are my favorite thing to. Music is the best thing ever. I love to scooter all the time. I love to hang with my family and go out side and play with friends. I enjoy that i have the xbox-one ps4 and all other stuff. I love all spicy food and I would love to go and try all the hot dips in the world. I would love to have a bounce house in my house so i could jump all day.

Computer History

Computer history is stuff that they used in the past. They had big fat machines and lots of wires that stick out. They used to only have black and white screens. They would not be able to do messaging and go play games. We learned that it would not was complicated in the past. We learned that it is not the best in the past to be on a computer but it still did the job. Computer history is some thing that is old and is nothing that we have today and we would not be able to have this if it was not for the old day. Computer history is the thing that made the first computers and some of the things that we have on the computer that we use to day. We learned that it go back far and far and farther than we know and can think about.

Computers Components

We learned how to take apart a computer and see what is in it and all the different stuff that there is. We can find were all the thing are that are in a computer. There are speakers,  monitors, hard drives, mouse, and keyboard and floppy disk drive. There are 12 parts of a computer as you can see in the bottom of the screen on the picture. The computer is filled with information that would be hard for us to store in our minds and we could not at all that how much stuff a computers can hold. We learned that it was not as we have as we are typing it dose not have all the thing we have on ours it did not have big hard drives and did not do all the thing ours can now.

Internet and Searching

We learned that internet searching is good if you use it right and are not going to use it for bad. Internet searching is when you search for stuff anything. We learned that is fun and use full for information. It's also when you give out information to people to people who said that they are going to do something to them if they do give them the password. We learned that if you are not safe when searching you could be in big trouble. We learned that you can search all the time and go to any website but make sure its good.  

Website Credibility ( C. R. A. A. P. )

Website credibility - ( C. R. A. A. P. ) is C stands for Currency R stands for Relevance A stands for Authority A also stands for Accuracy and P stands for Purpose as you can see in the pictures below. C.R.A.A.P is a word to think about when you are on a website that you are not so sure of. It is also when you are thing of a website that you do not know if it real or not. C.R.A.AP is good if you are not sure of a website. We learned that is if you do not trust a website and think that is reliable. We learned that is always use full.   

Word Processors ( Microsoft Word )

We learned how to change the font, sizes, and styles. Also we learned about the thesaurus to get better word the are not as boring as other words can be. Also we can change the way the words are by using the dictionary if you do not know if it is spelled right. You can make shapes or and you can type as much as you like with a click of a finger. We can make letters, drafts, reports, and list's of stuff such as food, toys, electronics, and snacks. you can make screen shots and use them as pictures.

Excel Spreadsheets

We learned with Excel that you can make charts and other things such as formulas, bold words, highlight words, and how to add headers. You can add data to charts and graphs. Also you can insert pictures of stuff on the sheet. You can add numbers to by using formulas and you can add decimals and dollar signs to numbers. You can copy stuff and you can also make the words in the middle of the paper and make it turn into to a graph and or a chart. You can also change the design of the first columns to rows or the columns width or name of it. You can do a lot and try out Excel is use full and we learned that you can make graphs and all types of stuff.

Digital Footprint

We learned that a digital footprint is some thing that has been with us ever since we were not born yet. Also it is something that will stay with you for the rest of your life. It will go on even when you die. It is the thing that keeps all the stuff we post and pic we post. And we all will have one no matter what we do and its going to be with you for the rest of your life and more. Its all around the the world with people.

Power Point

Power point is were you can make slides and insert pictures. You can also make stuff for some thing like a job review. You can make a screen shot and videos. You can go make  graphs and time lines and even do what i'm doing right now typing. And you can make notes and make planners also you could type any thing at all. We learned that it is easy and that simple so try it out. We learned that we can make letters to people.

Digital Citizenship

Digital citizenship is a review on you and a back round of what you post. If you give out pictures that are bad you don't want to because it could destroy your future. You should not do any thing bad. We all do stuff that later we ask why do we do this and get mad at our self's. And if you are going to be safe then your going to be safe and not post bad stuff and do not post pictures that you do not what your mom to see. Do all the thing that are right and you good.  


We learned that if you don't not sit right you will hurt your back and if you put your wrists rested on the table that you will hurt your wrists and if you are not typing right you can hurt your fingers. You can be better if you do not put your wrists touching the table. You want the screen right in front of you and the keyboard right in front of you to sit at the level of the computer and site up do not slack and do not rest your wrists on table. Typing is fun but is also challenging at the same time. We learned that you can type good and fast if you type with out looking. Just do all the things that I just said and you will be good. We learned that if you are not typing right you will hurt your self and that not good.

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