GT 2014

When I was in Mr. Carpenter's class we saw a magician doing a money trick, in the end of the video it explained how the magician did it. I t was magical!!! We learned about what  criminology  is. We talked about what was different in Mr. Carpenter's room. In Mrs. Molnar's class we learned about angles and learned how to use a protractor. We did a game where we find all types of angles in Mrs. Molnar's room. Then we went to Mrs. Macnamara's class to get ready for lunch. At lunch we ate a yummy meal. Then we went to recess and Lauren and I marched around the field saying hup 2,3,4 over and over again while Norah followed. When we got bored of walking around we did jump rope with Isabel,Kate Damron, and Kate Popejoy. Then I played reindeer with my friends. At Mrs.Molnar's class we tried to balance six dominoes on a ruler and pencil. I had so much fun trying to balance four dominoes with Hajin. We learned about levers and how they work. I liked researching Greek gods and their relationship. It was a bit confusing when we deleted one of our accounts at GT. We made a lever in Mrs. Molnar's class. I had so much fun trying to make a ball go to the other end without falling out. We also Mae a hoop glider in Mr. Carpenter's class. We sure are crafty today! October 27. At Mr. Carpenter's class we tried to balance a sock monkey with 20 dominoes and 2 pieces of paper and some tape. It had to be at least 8 inches tall. But we made it to 10! We used the scientific method. We asked how we could hold the sock monkey on the bridge for 20 seconds. We tried agin when our tower fell apart. We improved our tower by adding a paper tube in the middle of our tower.  🎎we made a rollercoaster for a marble. We added a tight turn a loopty loop and a big drop. We had potential energy at the very top of the rollercoaster before we let it go. It had kinetic energy when the ball was let go and started moving. Gravity kept the marble on the track so it could keep going. Friction made the ball stop at one point. We finished our golf course and we played other people's holes. We were not so successful to make a hole in one. Only one person made a hole in one! I enjoyed playing other people's golf course

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