By Maddie Miller 128

How to Become One...

Becoming a teacher isn't too hard if you can handle another 4 years of school and earning a bachelors degree. Being a teacher can be fun you get to help kids and teach them the basics for the years to come. For instance a kindergarten teacher will need to teach how to say the alphabet and count before you can send them off to a 1st grade teacher who will teach them how to add and subtract

Beginning Salary...

The beginning Salary for the state of Nebraska is $30,086 a year and that's a lot!! Just for your first year! But a whole year! With some kids you like and some that make you want to pull your eyeballs out! Being a teacher can be fun or very challenging depending on the grade your teaching and the kids you have in your class. For example a high school teacher might be stressed because some of their kids don't get the hard math problem but they remember that their kids are high schoolers  and are more mature then a kindergarten teacher... But a kindergarten teacher might be stressed as well because their kids are CrAzY! And their kids just want school to be over!!

So you see what I mean Being a teacher can be fun or stressful depending on the way you teach them and the way your kids act.

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