Space Travel for Civilians?

Persuasive Essay

Space is an immense area waiting to be explored upon. Many people all over the world dream about traveling into space, but should they be allowed to? If civilians are able to go into space, they are taking an opportunity away for an astronaut or scientist to go. Civilians will probably have a difficult time adapting to the way of life in space, and they are putting their life in jeopardy too. Let's explore in depth why civilians should not go into space.

One of the major reasons why I do not support civilian space travel is because they are taking an opportunity away from astronauts and scientists trying to study space. Our diligent astronauts have been training most of their life for space. They learn the proper techniques on how to work the special machinery. Civilians don't go through as much training and are just yearning to see what space actually looks like. Why would anyone want to stop an astronaut from helping discover new things and educate us on space, just so a civilian could look at the world from a different perspective?

Most people do not think living in space will be hard, but you have a lot of changes you need to adapt to. Astronauts train and adapt for life in space. For example, in space you need to eat certain foods, and wear appropriate space suits. Also there is no gravity, so your movement will be different. You may not even think about it, but even going to the washroom will be different. Civilians could get hurt or sick from not adapting or undergoing the proper training for space life.  

Traveling to space would be a once in a lifetime opportunity, however that could be very dangerous. You probably are thinking you just have to put on a spacesuit, board the shuttle, and be blasted into space, but that is not the case. The proper physical and mental training is very important to know. Astronauts know the techniques and more about space, than civilians do. In the worst conditions, civilians might have a higher chance of injury or death.

Through this essay, you have seen some reasons why civilian space travel should not be permitted. Civilian space travel could be dangerous, they will have to adapt to new changes, and they are taking an opportunity away from professionals. Now, which side do you support?

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