Looking Back... Moving Forward

It's my turn to graduate now and start a new adventure. I am attending Notre Dame Academy for the next four years and I am more than excited. Mom you completed the journey from Eltingville to Todd Hill and I am following your footsteps. Although I am a little nervous, I know that I will have a great learning experience and meet new friends and teachers. :)

When looking back at my past, St. Clare School allowed me to devolap a long, lasting friendship with the classmates in my grade. Some people I have been friends with since preschool, others since kindergarten. I will always remember the fun and exciting class trips and field days that occured at my school. It's sad to think that 10 years ago, we graduated preschool, 9 years ago, we graduated kindergarten, 7 years ago we made our first Holy Communion, last years we were Confirmed in Christ and in just a few weeks, we will be graduating 8th grade and starting a new chapter of  our lives....

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