Effective Professional Learning

The need for effective Professional Learning is evident in Alison Gullamhussein's research. As she puts it, "Professional development in an era of accountability requires a change in a teacher’s practice that leads to increases in student learning" (2013, p. 6). If you look at professional development, the motivation of teachers to learn has been masked by initiatives that pull in many directions, sit and get passive workshops that lead to little or no growth, a lack of ongoing support during implementation, and minimal inspiration and guidance to be creative and think outside of the box.

The following hyperlink and presentation look at the need of Professional Learning to shift to a supportive culture in order for teachers to grow in their learning as a teacher.

In modeling the 5 effective principles for professional learning, I have developed a science inquiry professional learning plan for K-12 science teachers. The Big Hairy Audacious Goal of this professional learning is:

For teachers to acquire the skills necessary to guide their students through scientific inquiry that is appropriate for their grade, and aligns the inquiry command terms amongst K-12 (January PL day goal).

In addition, the goal is for this January PL day to be a launching point for the science department to begin developing a collaborative and supportive team that fosters a growth mindset and puts in action the 5 principles of effective feedback.

A more specific look into the details of this specific professional learning can be seen using the links below:

Collaboration, leadership, and the needs of the K-12 teachers should be considered and an outline of these components can be seen at the following resource:


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