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Did you know that kids and teachers come to school with broken bones? These people can be helped if our school gets elevators. This is why I think we need elevators.

Grant school needs elevators because kids with big projects can get to class easier and safer. Kids could break their projects if they had to take the stairs. Kids could get hurt if they trip and fall. For example, some of my friends had big projects that were hard to carry up the stairs.

If Grant school get elevators the stairs won’t be crowded. Kids could get hurt if the stairs get crowded. Kids could go with the wrong line when the stairs get crowded. At Grant in the morning a lot of kids are on the same stairs so it takes classes longer to get to class.

My final reason Grant needs elevators is because kids and staff get around school faster and safer. For example, kids with broken legs can get to class faster and safer if we get elevators at our school. At Grant we need elevators because Mr. Geoff has crutches and it is hard for him to get up the stairs. If kids get to class faster they can learn more.

You might wonder where we would put the elevators. We can put them by the stairs. We can do a fundrasiser to pay for them.To make sure kids do not cram into them, Mr. Terry could monitor them.

Grant school needs elevators. If you agree, please help with a fundraiser. Contact the school if you are willing to help!

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