Pizza Hut

"Chicken Bacon Tomato Pizza"

Pizza Hut is a division of YUM! Brands and is the largest restaurant chain worldwide. The company was started by a couple of entrepreneurs. Pizza Hut embraces the entrepreneur spirit. It is the largest chain worldwide in terms of assets and sales revenue. The brand is distinguished from its competitors in three key areas: quality, performance and as a desirable place of employment. The goal is an enhanced value of the Pizza Hut experience, an asset, which appeals to a “consumer trend” of the “strategic shopper.” The intended audience of the advertisement are anyone who loves trying new favors of Pizza, it targets families.

Pizza Hut uses market strategies such as, marketing to emphasize the ‘freshness’ of ingredients used requires its franchisees to buy key ingredients from the company’s commissary’s. Dominance in market share and strength of brand equity are two of the most compelling attributes of the Pizza Hut product. Pizza Hut faces challenges such as, expanding growth opportunities for a mature brand in a saturated domestic market. evaluating the “nesting” trend, seeking ways to increase traffic by promoting the dine-in experience and transforming the image of pizza as “junk food” in an increasingly health conscious environment.

Pizza Hut's strengths include:

  • Huge popular brand name and high brand loyalty
  • Innovative range of pizzas under one roof
  • Hygenic food and quick service
  • Sound financial situation and international turnover
  • Good advertising and marketing
  • Over 20,000 franchises around the world

In the advertisement, the chefs are trying out new recipes to make the consumers want more of their food. With the new garlic parmesan pizza line, they have came up with three new flavors: roasted veggie, five cheese please, and chicken bacon tomato. They there new flavors are delicious! The producers' of the advertisement want their consumers to beg for more everything they enter the store. They know what consumers are looking for, good healthy delicious food.

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