my strengths may include

  • Developing and following a well-laid out plan.
  • Networking effectively to create helpful relationships.
  • Impressing people with your enthusiasm and many accomplishments.
  • Using your creativity to solve problems that arise.
  • Thinking quickly on your feet and articulating your strengths effectively.

my blind spots include

  • Making decisions before you collect all the necessary information.
  • Not being a good listener or interrupting speakers.
  • Exaggerating or not being completely accurate with facts.
  • Being too idealistic and setting unrealistic goals.
  • Becoming defensive with people who ask tough questions

my preferred learning styles

  • Provides lots of interaction and encourage cooperative group work.
  • Respects your strong feelings and opinions based on your values.
  • Include a wide variety of activities and topics.
  • A friendly, supportive learning environment.
  • Encourages you to develop and use your leadership abilities.
  • Rewards you for your ability to express your creativity verbally or in writing