Career Research Project
Katelyn Mielke

Necessary Job Skills

-Able to keep records for people and businesses.

-Plan and prepare income tax returns.

-Work in offices and be able to travel.

-Able to work in financial reports, contracts, pay rolls, government rules and laws, and computers.

-Make suggestions to businesses to help them make or spend money.

Educational Requirements

-An accountant is required to have a 4 year degree in accounting for a minimum.

-Employers prefer: That the employee obtains a Master's degree in accounting or a related field. Also, they prefer the employee has a CPA.

-Skills/Courses: Courses taken in college should include accounting, computerized accounting programs, and internal auditing.

-Self employed Accountants: Must be a CPA (Master's degree and passing an exam).

College/Tech School - University of Illinois Champaigne

I have chosen to attend the University of Illinois in the fall of 2017. The University of Illinois College of Business provides courses that include accountancy, business administration, and finance. Studying abroad is an option offered at the University of Illinois, resulting in 55% of the students deciding to take the opportunity to study outside of the United States at least once.

Famous Quote

I live by the quote "In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure" by Bill Cosby. When I want something in life more than anything in the world, my desire for success strengthens me. No matter what happens, the fear of failure will always be within myself but what matters is if I let fear overwhelm me and defeat my goals. For every challenge that is encountered, there is opportunity for growth. In other words, every negative thought that appears in my mind, always comes with an option for pushing that fear away and reaching my personal goals for success. For the future, this quote will serve as a model that represents my desire for success will always be a part of me and keeping my fear of failure away will reach me to my goals. No matter what happens in the future of my job, fear will not be an excuse for not reaching my goals. 

Role Model

My sister Brittany is my role model. She is a person who loves to go above and beyond the requirements and is always there when she is needed. Knowing how successful she has been throughout school encourages me to be just like her.

Brittany's high school athletics made her the strongest, mentally and physically, woman I know. She set out a goal in high school to start varsity for the Geneseo High School Soccer team and lengthen her career as a soccer player to the collegiate level. Brittany is motivated all the time and every day to achieve her own goals no matter what it takes. She makes an impact in the lives around her also. She took care of her college soccer coach's wife, Paula, with Parkinson's disease for a few years until she passed away last year.

For schooling, she attended Heartland Community College to begin her study on accounting. On the road to being an accountant was when she cared for Paula and realized her true desire in life was to become a nurse. Brittany's decision on changing her majors after already had completed 2 two years of college shows me that what you choose to do right after high school doesn't have to be what you do forever. She has taught me that no matter what you dreams and goals are in life, you can achieve them as long as you take the first step.

Brittany always seems to make the people around her smile and feel better about themselves as an individual in the society we have today. Every day I strive to be as great of a person as my sister, in hope to grow up and be like her someday.


Today, accountants are required to understand and apply various forms of information on the spot. They also need to be able to adapt to changes in their working environments. According to Antoni Gomez, "Accountants need to adapt to to the changing environment as their work and that of auditors. On one hand technology is simplifying and converitng" (Gomez). As technology evolves, the work a person does evolves with it. To be an accountant in the 21st century where advancements are always occurring, one may want to consider being able to enjoy learning new technology and ways of doing their job.

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