What information can be gathered from this photo of the USCT?

The Civil War began in April of 1861. Why do you think that the USCT wasn't established until March of 1863?

Review this Volunteer Enlistment papers. From these papers, what do we know about Joseph Logan?

Volunteer Enlistment Papers

Why They Fought

Many African American Men volunteered to fight in the Civil War but others did not. Why would they want to fight? Why would they not want to fight?

What They Carried

These are very common items carried by soldiers. How many of the items can you name? How would the soldiers have used these items?

Can you name the items carried by the soldiers?

What They Wore

These are the uniforms worn by the soldiers. Which one was worn by Union Soldiers which was worn by the Confederate Soldiers?

Solider Uniforms

What They Ate

Take a look at the list of foods commonly eaten by soldiers. How would you prepare a meal with these items if you were a soldier away from home on the battle field?

Extension Activities

Equality Among Troops

African American and white soldiers fought side by side in the Civil War within the same troops.

Do you think that the African American troops were treated the same as their white counterparts? What makes you think that?

Death and Disease During the Civil War

There were many casualties of the Civil War. Many make shift hospitals like the one below were created to care for the sick and wounded. Take a look at the following charts and graphs and decide what were the main causes of death for the soldiers.

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