Holiday Challenge

Keyboarding ... developing a skill for life!

Why Learn Keyboarding?

"It is difficult to dispute the prominence of keyboarding as a foundational skill needed to compute efficiently in today’s technology-rich society."

-Renaissance Learning Report, February 2007

Technique Matters

It may not seem important, but technique is critical for building efficient keyboarding skills. The correct use of home row keys (asdf jkl;) in touch-typing can be the difference between a speedy typist and one who is forced to "hunt and peck" for each letter.

Posture is also important for comfort and long-term health! (Image source)

No Peeking!

Learning to not watch your fingers while typing can be a frustrating process. Parents can help their students learn good habits by taping a piece of paper on top of the keyboard like the image below. No paper or tape available? Lay a towel or shirt over student's hands to eliminate the draw of 'peeking'.

Practice Makes Perfect

Three weeks of daily practice 15-20 minutes a day is enough to learn where the keys are and begin touch typing without looking at your fingers. Students have been working with Type To Learn (typing program used by Liberty Public Schools) and you can take this program home with you over the holidays to practice, practice, practice!

Type To Learn

Step 1: Students will need to download and install the program. Click HERE for the LPS instructions on how to get started.

Step 2: Once installed the students will log on with their username and password and account code. The Liberty Schools account code is 121863. Once logged in the student will be at the same location they were the last time they logged in whether it was at school or at home.

Goal Time!

By the end of 4th Grade, our goal is for students to be typing about 20 words per minute without looking at their hands and using the correct finger placement. This will help set them up for success in 5th grade and beyond. According to the new Common Core Standards, 4th grade students should be able to key at least one page in a single sitting by the end of the school year. We will definitely need to build up to this goal!

There are 17 total days over the holiday break. There are no 'official' classroom goals, but here is an example of a goal you could set at home:

Students practice keyboarding in Type To Learn for 20 minutes a day at least 10 of the 17 days over break.


We will be sending you motivational tips over the course of the holiday season to promote continued work in Type to Learn. Several of the opportunities will be areas for students to practice their new found skills as they correspond with their peers in an online format. We hope you join us in our effort to help students becoming "Typing Maniacs"!

Take the Challenge...

Download and log on to Type to Learn at home before the holiday break. Students can click on their teacher's link below to join the online Padlet. Have students type in their FIRST name only and the words per minute they are currently typing!

Ms. Bacon
Mrs. Cook
Ms. Hess
Mr. Larson

Let's Get Started!