Industrial Revolution
Sarah Villaseca Cowan
7th hour

My word for the industrial revolution is "new". This time period helped majorly form the way our everyday lives are today, from our buildings, to laws that we have. The industrial revolution brought new inventions to the table like the first power generator and electric motors. A very well known one is the water powered wheel that was used to power things like mills. It also brought on new cities, because the mills were such a big hit it required a lot of people to power them. So, cities formed around these mills and just grew as the population grew. According to, "Population migration from rural to urban settings is a defining feature of the Industrial Revolution." "The emerging banking and commercial industries developed their own centers." These new cities were the beginnings of some of the well known cities we have today, for example, Kansas City. A new way of life was made, children were put to work in harsh/dangerous conditions, where they worked normal adult work days and were stripped of their childhood. "Young children working endured some of the harshest conditions. Workdays would often be 10 to 14 hours with minimal breaks during the shift.", said Compared to how kids are today where they think they're abused, these kids really knew what abuse was. However, life did change for the better in certain aspects, more people were going to college and less deaths were occurring. That's why I say the word new is perfect for the industrial revolution, because everything is new, whether it be for the better or the worse. It helped make us the Americans we are today, always looking for something new or something to make our lives easier.  

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