• Parents should show unconditional love to their child
  • Parents should help with the child's self-confidence and high self-esteem
  • Parents should allow their child the opportunity to play with other children
  • Encouraging teachers and supportive caretakers
  • Parents should have a safe and secure surrounding for their child
  • Parents should use appropriate guidance and discipline
  • Crying is a baby’s main way of communicating needs. Responding to the baby’s crying and meeting their needs will make the baby feel safe.
  • The parent or caregiver are a big influence on the baby


  • Parents should help infants learn how to support their head
  • The child is completely dependent on caretaker to provide physical needs
  • Caretakers should teach their child how to walk
  • Parents should help infants control their body movements because they can't move on their own
  • Parents should make sure their child still take naps in the morning and afternoon.
  • Parents should know that infants will start to eat and sleep at regular times
  • Parents should help their kids when they pull up to stand, they stand holding onto furniture, and they can walk when led.


  • Parents should know feeding meets a baby’s physical and emotional needs.
  • A non-Verbal communication with the child is very important
  • Parents need to be sensitive to her/his needs.
  • Parents should Soothe the children when they’re depressed.
  • Parents should recognize when you're children has had enough.
  • Parents should develop strong, positive, secure relationships with children.
  • Parents need to maintain a pleasant and positive emotional tone throughout the day.
  • As parents y'all need to check the way your infant responds to physical interaction.


  • The infant is  starting to learn to make sense of language
  • parents should give their baby time to adjust to a new environment.
  • Parents should be involved in their baby's day-to-day interactions
  • tickle game teaches a baby how humor works and how to distinguish between serious human interactions and playful ones
  • Parents should let their baby hang out with bigger kids
  • parents should allow him /her to play next to another child
  • The infant is beginning to show empathy to other children
  • Parents should let their child watch other children play, and join them
  • Child Begins to separate more easily from parents
  • parents should Give lots of affectionate care to the child
  • parents should comfort the baby when he/she cries

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