Rosa Parks:

  • Rosa Parks was born on February 4, 1913. She lived with her mom in Tuskegee Alabama. She was in a place where the people didn't get along with each other. For example, if I was white and my friend was black we couldn't talk to each other because of our color. Rosa Parks was a negro and she refused to surrender her seat to a white person because she was tired of people surrendering their seat to a white person. She wanted white and black people to get along. Rosa Parks was the 1st person to graduate school. That women received the NAACP's. She was not the first African- American woman to be arrested for not refusing to yield her seat on a Montgomery bus.
  • I think that Rosa Parks is a brave women. I think that because she wasn't like the other women that surrendered their seat to a white woman she wanted to change the rule that an African-american women had to yield their seat to a white women. I also think that she is peaceful. She is that because she wasn't a fighter or nothing like that if she wanted to go out somewhere she didn't worry that the white people told her she was in their property. Last, I think that she is trustworthy. I say that because she wanted to talk to other black women about the change in different colors she wanted to say that she didn't want the African-american people to not get along with white women.

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