iCademy K-8 Spanish

Mrs. Lambert & Mrs. Flores-Hull

Hola Amigos~

We have some very exciting items planned for the week ahead! We will be holding ClassConnect sessions all about the Spanish celebration of Semana Santa. The picture below is a street view of Sevilla, Spain during Semana Santa.

Check you OLS for times. Also be sure to see what other awesome sessions your teachers will be offering.

Teacher ClassConnect and Study Hall Times

Mrs. Lambert

  • Semana Santa in Spain - Mon 1pm ET & Wed 10:30am ET
  • Easter Vocabulary in Spanish - Tues 10am ET & Thurs 2pm ET

Study Hall

  • Mon  12:00pm ET
  • Tues  9:00am ET
  • Wed  8:00pm ET
  • Thurs  1:00pm ET
  • Fri  10:30am ET

Mrs. Flores-Hull

  • Semana Santa in Spain - Mon 1pm ET & Wed 10:30am ET
  • Family Vocabulary - Tues 2:30pm ET
  • Transportation & Travel Vocab - Tues 3:30pm ET

Study Hall

  • Mon 11:30 pm ET
  • Tues 4pm ET
  • Wed 1pm ET
  • Thurs 2pm ET
  • Fri 10am ET

Are you on track with your expected progress? Check the table above. Remember you should be logging in and completing one lesson per day from your PowerSpeak calendar.

Skype is an amazing resource! Have you added your teacher?

We are always here to help you. We look forward to seeing you in a ClassConnect or Study Hall soon!

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