Frankenfood or Birdfood

Cost of Healthy Eating vs Value Menu

"The most comprehensive study of its kind indicates that yes, unhealthy food is about $1.50 cheaper per day, or about $550 per year, than healthy food." -Huff Post writer Carey Polis.

Because of "franken-foods" created with GMO's and other modifications to make food more plentiful and cheaper to produce, fast food companies that untilize these foods most become the cheapest way to feed a family. Organic cooking is not always the easiest for families to accomplish while living paycheck to paycheck. They can't always afford the few hundred dollar grocery store trip when they could make sure everyone is fed for the night for ten dollars off the value menu. The clip below from the documentary Food, Inc. shows a family living this exact struggle.

The nature of fast food companies allows their selling points to be cheaper, faster, and more convenient. For a low-income family, who can't afford to cook organic meals, this marketing becomes insidious and breeds unhealthy living. It's a cycle most find themselves stuck in due to the health problems that can occur with a diet made of greasy, freeze-dried fast food. Health problems pile up and then families are left with even less income to save for groceries.

Fast food is fine, but when it's all you can afford to eat it becomes the problem.

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