Exosphere Layer

This layer is the Exosphere layer in Earths atmosphere. This layer is very thin. The upper part of the layer is the beginning  of space. Also some man made satellites orbit the Earth within this layer.

Thermosphere Layer

This is the thermosphere layer. This layer is very thin to. Also this layer is very hot, it is 1000 degrees hot. It is heated by the suns energy which makes it that hot. The Space shuttle and the International space station both orbit in the middle to the upper part of this layer.

Mesophere Layer

This layer is the mesosphere layer. This layer is the coldest layer. The temperatures there are as low as -90c(-130f). The air their is very thin, but it is still thick enough to burn up meteors.

Stratosphere Layer

This is the stratosphere layer. This layer is where most of the ozones are founded at. Also some weather balloons can reach the lower part of this layer.

Trosphere Layer

This is the troposphere layer. This layer is where all the weather occurs. The base of this layer is warmer than its top, because the air is heated by its surface of earth which absorbs the sun's energy.

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