The South Sudan Civil War

The Civil War

What is the Problem?

Beginning in December of last year, the worlds newest country broke out into a civil war and has been an ongoing conflict. The war began as president Salva Kiir of the Dinka ethnic group accused his Vice President of leading a coup, who is of the Nuer ethnic group. The split, while ethnic, is also political as there is a split between the Sudan Peoples Liberation Movement and the army, the Sudan People's Liberation Army. While many may not classify the war in South Sudan as a war, it is most definitely a war, one which has devastated the lives of thousands. The war has became an international one as neighboring countries have become involved such as Uganda to try to stabilize the conflict. The peacekeepers have become outgunned by the large number of armed militia roaming through the country. The civil war has also largely affected the lives of civilians because they have become deliberate targets, being attacked inside hospitals and churches.

Who is involved?

The war is between the Dinka ethnic group and the Nuer ethnic group. Also split is the National Peoples liberation movement and the national People's Liberation Army. Neighboring countries have also gotten involved such as Uganda have also interfered attempting to create peace.

Just War?

- Right intention and just cause because the Nuer group wants over throw an oppressive and dictator.

-Noncombatant immunity, many civilians have been killed or badly injured. In fact, over 70,000 civilians have needed to move due to the war and thousands of others have been killed because of it.

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