What Men Secretly Want by James Bauer Review | Does it work ?

What Men Secretly Want : the Ultimate Guide for Women

Despite the fact that all people dream of having such nice relationship with the person they love the most, to bring such dream to reality is not an easy task. We’re not living in a fairy tale, that’s for certain. And the life is not always going as you all plan. Tons of problems will be coming to you and attack all aspects of your life including your relationship. Even before the relationship is going, to make sure that you “can” really have such romantic relationship with someone is already challenging. Do you not believe it? Well, you need to know that there are tons of women out there who find that it’s so hard to attract the men to become their lovers. If you think that the problem happens because the women are lacking in good appeal, you are wrong. Many of those women are actually attractive yet they still face failure.

What’s the Core of the Problem?

What is actually going on here? Judging from the real condition, the failure commonly happens because the women do not really know what is actually wanted by the men. Yes, it is true. The situation nowadays is not in patriarchal mode anymore in which the men are demanded to be more active in starting the relationship. The women are getting more active too. However, it is quite surprising for the women to know that actually men are quite hard to be understood too. It is all related to different ways of thinking between men and women. And that’s what creates the barrier during relationship building. If you don’t really know what is wanted by the other people, don’t you think it will be hard for you to please those people?

Solutions Come from “What Men Secretly Want”

In order to make it simpler and easier for you to put an end to the situation above, among the various relationship guidance books, the book from James Bauer entitled What Men Secretly Want can be said to be the most appropriate one. This book has been designed to specifically solve the situation mentioned before. That’s why if you are wondering whether this book is suitable for you or not, if you are a woman and you find it hard to build a relationship with some men, this book is totally the answer for you. So, what is offered by this book? Inside, James Bauer really blatantly exposes the secrets of what is desired by the men. You can figure out the best relationship development program which will make the men really attracted to you and there’s nothing hard for you to do it since you will learn about the secrets.

James Bauer claims that “The Respect Principle” is what needs to revolve around your relationship development with a man. What is meant by such principle is the fact that men are actually more attracted to the women who have respect and also admiration towards them and such matter is actually placed higher than the appeal of the women. It might be true that men are visual creatures who are always attracted to beautiful women who have such attractive face and nice body. But, it’s all just about attraction. When it comes to the relationship, men prefer to be with the women who can really respect them and admire them. Be the person who can act that way and your beloved man will never leave you, that’s what is said by James Bauer.

It’s Not Only Theoretical but Also Applicative!

However, this book does not only tell you about the secrets of “The Respect Principle”. You will also be told about some “tools” which can really be helpful for you to apply the principle in developing your relationship. Not only that, step-by-step guidance will also be revealed to you. Don’t you think it will be so great for you? You can simply follow the guidance properly and the result should be satisfying.

Up to this point, you might have gained some interest to get the book but you are not fully convinced to get it. You are worried that the book is just another piece of scam and junk which will only waste your money because there is “nothing” in it. Well, to make your more convinced, in this article, I will personally state my review related to the positive and negative values of the book. Thus, you can judge for your own whether this book is worth it or not.

The Positive Values:

1. It’s Really Easy to Understand

You’ll notice how the way James Bauer in elaborating the theories, methods, and the other contents of the book is so easy to be understood. You will find yourself enjoying reading this book even if you’re not looking for the solutions to deal with your relationship development.

2. It’s Totally Designed for Women

It seems that James Bauer has really done the thorough research by using the point of view of women. It can be seen from how James Bauer tries to reveal the secrets for women instead of for both men and women like what is usually done by common relationship guidance book.

3. The Step-by-step Guidance Is Awesome

This is the core of this book. You’ll find the step-by-step guidance is really doable and it will make certain for you to apply everything in the book properly.

4. Real Life Scenarios Are Provided

To make it easier for you, you can learn from the real life scenarios in case the same situations also happen to you. Thus, you can be more prepared to face it, right?

5. Full Money Back Guarantee

Yep, there’s nothing to lose for you. If you are not pleased with the book, you can demand full money back guarantee within 8 weeks from the purchase.

The Negative Values:

1. Too Much Marketing Content

Sometimes, you can find that this book is a little bit too “promising”. As you can see there are some parts of the book which say something like “100% successful”. Well, after all, we’re going to apply the things mentioned in the book in real life, right? And we all know that real life is really unpredictable, right? It’s a little bit too marketing.

2. Available in Digital Form and Can Only Be Purchased Online

Yes, you can only get the book in PDF form and download it once you have made the purchase online. For some people, it might be annoying. However, thanks to the development in the field of technology, you can see how it is actually not troublesome anymore. You can use your gadgets to read the book comfortably.

So, what do you think? If I am asked to make some kind of summary about whether the book is good or not, of course, I will say that it’s totally worth to buy. Good luck with your relationship then.