Please Come to Nicaragua

Grace Borchers~Period 5~Mr. Dunaway~Spainish

Is in Central America, which borders both the North Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. It is also settled between Costa Rica and Honduras. Nicaragua is approximately the size of New York and is the largest country in Central America.  Corn Islands, Islets of Granada, Masaya Volcano, Apoyo Lagoon Natural Reserve, León Cathedral, Selva Negra Mountain Reserve, Bosawás Biosphere Reserve, and Los Guatuzos Wildlife Refuge are all famous landmarks and places in Nicaragua.  Toro Huaco, Masaya Market, Fiesta Day, La Griteria, and Holy Week are all examples of famous and events and festivals.  Managua, Leó, Masaya, and Tipitapa are all major cities in Nicaragua. El Coco, Colorado, Marsella, Pearl Cays, Río San Juan, Mogotón, Volcán San Cristóbal, Cerro El Menco, and Volcán Cosiqüina are all major mountains, rivers, and beaches in Nicaragua.  The average degrees is 77.8 degrees in the dry season and 79.64 degrees in the rainy season.  

If this information didn't pursuade you to come to Nicaragua then maybe Nicaraguais not fo ryou.

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