Jamal Edwards



Jamal Edwards, from the age of 15, launched his online music channel, SBTV. SB comes from his MC name Smoky Bars, and the stars of the show were his mates rapping to camera. Within months, SBTV grew as the go-to channel for upcoming artists, outgrowing its grime beginnings and launching the career of acts such as Ed Sheeran. In five years and 50 million YouTube hits later, SBTV has earned the Simon Cowell seal of approval and 21-year-old Jamal heads his own major label imprint and is the face of Google Chrome.


SB.TV was founded in 2006, when a teenage Jamal Edwards (son of The X Factor  contestant Brenda Edwards) began filming rap freestyles with a handycam, which he would then upload to his YouTube account. For the first three years Edwards acted alone to provide amateur footage regarding many British artists, such as Dizzee Rascal, Wiley, Chipmunk, and Tinchy Stryder with the first SB.TV video being uploaded in February 2007.  As the channel began to attract more attention, it also began offering lifestyle interviews and event coverage, and a production team of ten people was established as a result

SBTV continue to broadcast video whether for music, freestyle, acoustic, interviews or any other categories within youth culture. All of the company's content is displayed on their YouTube channel. This content is solely produced by SBTV. The company also uses social networking extensively to interact with viewers through which new blog and news articles are published.

Jamal went from posting videos on you tube with him and his friends to now rapping with Dr Dre. He showed great determination and is now a very big success as an entrepreneur.

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