How did tanks play a part in WW1?
     Tatum Weaver and Quinn Daniell

A tank from WW1 can hold 10 men, 2 guns, and 1 light artillery gun.

             Tanks play an important role in WW1, and are very strong weapons too. For example, an important role they played was that they were a trenche's ultimate defence. Even though it wasn't very fast it could make sharp turns and climb 5 feet high. Since it was the trenches ultimate defence it had to get across the battlefield, so it killed other soldiers before they get to the trench. The tanks also broke the stalemate of trench warfare, which was a big deal. They also could go across an eight foot gap. Tanks played an important role in WW1 and will always be in history.

This is a picture showing how big a tank was next to a normal sized person.

     How did dogs play a part in WW1?

This a picture of a dog and solider

          Dogs played an important role in WW1. During the war lots of dogs were used to help soldiers in the battlefield. On the other hand dogs helped pull out trapped men out of collapsed trenche's. In addition to trenche's they also killed the rats. Several dogs were used for WW1, some examples are Germany employed 30,000, France and Belgium employed over 20,000, and Italy employed 3,000. At first the U.S. didn't employed dogs until 1916. However, dogs helped the wounded or dying, and were equipped with medical supplies. To conclude dogs were a very important role in WW1.

German Shepard standing by their " partner in crime".

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