Ms. Lowe's Newsletter

May 9th, 2014

Reading Logs

Don't forget to keep track of those reading logs! Reading logs for May are due on May 23rd!!!!! We will be holding our last reading log celebration May 27th!!! So remind those kids to fill in their reading logs each day!!


Monday, May 12th- Day 4 (P.E.)

Tuesday, May 13th- Radical Challenge Field Trip!! 9:30am- 1:30pm

Wednesday, May 14th- Day 2 (LMC)

Thursday, May 15th- Day 3 (Music)

Friday, May 16th- Day 4 (P.E.)

Upcoming Events

Tuesday, May 13th- Radical Challenge!!!

Wednesday, May 14th & Thursday, May 15th- Post Common Summative Assessment given


We concluded our study on living things this week. The students were able to categorize different animals and species. We also discussed differences between vertebrae and invertebrate groups.

Social Studies

Students created a Gettsyburg address in their own words early this week. After we broke apart the two minute speech given by Lincoln. We also discussed how Lincoln's speech could be so famous if it was so short!

We also had two students create a presentation for us about the 13th-15th amendments. They  created a fun and interactive game for the whole class to participate and learn from!


We delivered our chocolate milk letters to Mrs. Slaughter this week! The students did a wonderful job! We are now taking all of the research and pooling it into a persuasive essay!


We started a unit of probability this week! After going over it as a class we were able to break up into smaller groups for a challenge! The students were allowed to choose partners and create their own situations involving probability! We saw all sorts of situations play out! We had popsicle sticks, decks of cards, hair bows, etc. Once the group created questions they then challenged their classmates to find the answers!