A little piece of me #1

An upper hand is noteworthy, if it was earned through honest trade. Currently it’s not!

All of us have or we are working very hard to achieve our footing in life. Some of us just need a little push to get things started.

It should always be fair!

There are so many things going on in the world and we can’t partake in all battles, so we must be selective in our choosing. Something is going on and it’s affecting the balance of right and wrong. It’s compromising the well-being of many, for a selective few.

Hard work is the backbone of being an entrepreneur, taking on something; most people have the ability to do; just need that little push. Working together clearly beats working alone! Finding those right mixes, which makes it all worthwhile, is so gratifying.

A little piece of me is about sharing! I want to know what’s on your mind. 140 characters, one sentence, half a page; it doesn't matter. Just engage! I want to engage without fear. To find common ground which works towards long term solutions, not just quick fixes.

We all have problems and there is a solution to every problem. I grew as a problem and with the help of families, friends, educators, co-workers, employers, industry, organizations, institutions and even government I find my solutions. The solution was me! I found me!

Sometimes a perfect strange is just what the doctor should prescribe; not all that synthetic medication, which is doing more harm than the accrual illness. A perfect stranger that later became my friend, my lover, my co-worker, my employer, my employee, my business partner, my clients you get the picture. The perfect mix of perfect stranger along the way has helped me find me.

Before the age of over saturation of technology, I wanted nothing to do with learning, now I can’t get enough of it. Now all I want to do is teach! Not to teach you to follow my path, to create your own. To find you!

I know I can get a bit wordy and trust me I can get wordy! I want to end on this note I’m not perfect. I have my flaws; I have made my mistakes. Now it’s time to put all what I've learned over the years and do some real good.

The struggle must not continue. On the outside questionable; within absolutely not!

Engage with me and let’s find you!

A few take-a-ways!