Robotics in Their Smallest Form

A nano-robot is any robot designed to range from 0.1 to 10 micrometers in size. Many nano-robots are being used in the medical field, but many more kinds of nanites are under research and development. The idea of nano-robots in medicine is THEORETICALLY a safe and possible venture that could make medical doctors obsolete and raise the need for technicians. Nano-tech would allow for the technicians to fix the problem from the source -- inside. General uses for medical nanites range from surgery and diagnosis to drug delivery. Although, these ideas are completely theoretical, they are seen as highly possible and safe tools of medicine.

Currently, nano-robots are being used to aide in chemical reactions or in finding the chemical composition of a solution. As of yet, this is the only practical use of nano-robots, but the race to finish them has yet to be complete. Just as the nations once raced for arms, nuclear warheads, and rockets to the moon; we now race for nano-robot technology to be successfully integrated into society. Whether this will be productive or not is to be seen by a generation that we will not live to see.

As I see it, the idea of nanobots being put into the human body disturbs me. How can the machine become man? Man cannot live forever and if you're meant to die, why create minuscule robots to prolong your life even in it's decayed state of old age? I say it's fear. Humans want fear gone so they feign immortality. Facing immortality through this idea of small robots in your body is like playing God. Maybe playing God isn't such a good idea.

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