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kids doing good ( Comparing & Contrasting)

There were 3 stories we read all about 3 different kid heroes . One was about a kid names named Matt age 17. He was the oldest of the kid heroes. Matt saved people with his bare hands. He saved an old lady and her dogs from Hurricane Sandy. While Ariel age 14 made made a facebook page for donations to whose those lost everything in the hurricane. She earned a medal unlike Matt. Deamonta Love a 6 year old boy who in all odds was a parent for 5 kids for 4 kids.

Even though all those have differences they still have their similarities. They were all kids that did good. Yea they were different ages but they were kids none the less. Their life's were all changed by the damages of hurricanes. They all helped their community or made a difference in peoples life. Demonta took care of kids smaller than him, Matt saved people, & Ariel gave donations to people that needed it. They showed us that even the smallest person can make a difference.

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